Drinkable Skincare via Science
Established by Professional Dietetics, an Italian R&D company that specialized in Amino Acids based formula for research and medical use. Over the years of research and refinement of the formulas, they successfully developed the specific mix of 6 Amino Acids that helps in repairing, restoring and stimulate collagen and elastin from the deep layers of the skin. Providing nutrients and essence to your skin via science as new drinkable skincare.

Sunekos Laboratories

An Italian Aesthetic Division of the R&D company, established in 1996.

Innovative Solutions

Specialized in Patented Amino Acids formulas for medical use and third-party research.

Natural and Longer Lasting Results

Core business has always been based on patents and clinical research.

Our Developments


Founding of Professional Dietetics Italy


1st Supplement and Formula on Amino Acids Created


1st Amino Acids (AA) and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Formulated Medical Device Developed


Company Portfolio Distributed in Italy


1st Formulation of Collagen and Elastin using Amino Acids


Clinical Trials


Internationally recognized patented formula of 6AA worldwide, KOL and distribution partners available in over 25 countries and more

Our Patented Formula

6AA, known as ‘6 Amino Acids’, is a compound formula of 6 amino acids: Glycine, Proline, Lysine, Alanine, Valine, and Leucine. This internationally recognized patented formula in the United States and Europe, is a combination of ingredients which is clinically proven to allow the body to increase absorption and helps to produce elastin, collagen and Type 4 collagen.

In addition, 6AA is a single amino acid, not a polymer in the form of collagen or peptide, which is 100% absorbable into the body without going through the digestive process.